chibifukurou (chibifukurou) wrote,

Art Master Post: DCU Big Bang

Title: And Then the Nature of Us
Author name: reefofhappiness
Characters/Pairing: Koy, TulaGarth, Aquatrio (TulaKaldurGarth), JadeRoy of sorts, building polyamorous OT5 (of sorts)
Fandom/Universe: Young Justice
Word count: 15.520
Warnings: none Polyamory
Summary: Kaldur and Roy are in an established relationship, and with polyamory a pretty common thing in Atlantis, the two of them are attempting to work on the dynamics of having a more open arrangement -- mainly because of Kaldur's important relationships with Tula and Garth both. Roy hasn't necessarily been trying his hardest as of late to be clear and open with how he feels about the whole thing on this side of trying, but now he is -- with varying effects. Kaldur is trying his best to keep up with Roy and figure out what's happening in his relationships, but he's also multitasking and juggling leading the team and overseeing its new developments -- as well as his mounting royal duty back home in Atlantis. Things are hectic and yet only slowly changing in both Kaldur's homes, and Kaldur's just trying to get through another day and make it all work out somehow. Diverges from Season 2 to the point of AU.

Art: And then the nature of us
Fic: Upcoming
Tags: big_bang: art, fandom: dcu

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