chibifukurou (chibifukurou) wrote,

ABO Art Master Post : The Path of Duty

Title: The Path of Duty
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters/Pairings: Aragorn x Boromir, Éomer x Faramir
Rating: Teen
Word Count:
Spoilers: The end of Return of the King
Warnings: Omega!Verse;
Summary: Aragorn and Faramir learn that duty and the heart rarely walk the same path. In the wake of the War of the Ring, they have to decide which traditions to take with them into the new Age that is upon them.
Author's Note:

Art Master Post: The-Path-of-Duty-_-m_chris_h
Fic Master Post:
Tags: big_bang: art, fandom: lotr

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