chibifukurou (chibifukurou) wrote,

Need a Beta: Nabari No Ou

Hi all! Happy New Year and a big thanks to kantayra for all my Yuletide gifts. I will supply links later on, as well as links to what I made for Yuletide.

Before I do that I was hoping to find someone who could do a quick and dirty beta on a short Yultide fic I wrote. I didn't write it until the morning of the 25th, right before the archive closed and I had to start getting ready to go on my week long trip, so it was posted unbetaed. *SHAME WAS FELT*

Anyway, I'm back now and since the reveal has happened I can now publicly try to get a beta. So if somebody could pretty please help me out I will shower you with virtual cookies.

The story is: There is a Pond Where You're Waiting for Me and it's a Nabari No Ou AU fic.
Tags: beta request

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