February 2nd, 2014


My Manifesto for the New Year: Also happy year of the Horse everybody!

Okay so one of the things I decided to work on this year, was being a little more forth-coming about who I am. Obviously sharing RL stuff in fandom space is purely optional, and I'm creating a tag for anybody who doesn't want to deal with RL on their dashboard.

I understand. Fandom is a safe space for a lot of people who have significant health and societal issues that don't need other people's problems dumped on them. If you are somebody who knows enough about themselves to know not to take on other people's problems, then I solute you and you are awesome. Keep doing what you need to do to keep yourself safe and stable.

# # #

So a basic intro to me. I've got a chronic pain problem. It's not life-threatening or anything, but it does put a crimp in my life. On bad weeks I'm barely on the computer at all, much less in a productive/communicative capacity. So that's something anybody who's reading this page or dealing with me on a long-term basis is going to have to understand. It's not that I'm trying to slight you or anything, I've just learned that there are some points where pushing myself hard is the worst thing I can do. Which leads me to the other thing I'm trying to work on this year. Here is my motto for the year:

"Accept your weaknesses, and learn to take advantage of your strengths."

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This is one part manifesto, and one part warning. Because starting this year I'm going to be working on becoming the best spoon-theory using, speed writing, chronic headache having, crazy person I can be.