Urgently need Beta.

Anybody available for an emergency short story beta? Harry Potter fandom Apocalypse AU Between 1-2k.

Can’t say much more than that since it is a pinch-hit. You don't need to much Canon knowledge but brit-picking would be a plus. Thanks for the consideration!


My Manifesto for the New Year: Also happy year of the Horse everybody!

Okay so one of the things I decided to work on this year, was being a little more forth-coming about who I am. Obviously sharing RL stuff in fandom space is purely optional, and I'm creating a tag for anybody who doesn't want to deal with RL on their dashboard.

I understand. Fandom is a safe space for a lot of people who have significant health and societal issues that don't need other people's problems dumped on them. If you are somebody who knows enough about themselves to know not to take on other people's problems, then I solute you and you are awesome. Keep doing what you need to do to keep yourself safe and stable.

# # #

So a basic intro to me. I've got a chronic pain problem. It's not life-threatening or anything, but it does put a crimp in my life. On bad weeks I'm barely on the computer at all, much less in a productive/communicative capacity. So that's something anybody who's reading this page or dealing with me on a long-term basis is going to have to understand. It's not that I'm trying to slight you or anything, I've just learned that there are some points where pushing myself hard is the worst thing I can do. Which leads me to the other thing I'm trying to work on this year. Here is my motto for the year:

"Accept your weaknesses, and learn to take advantage of your strengths."

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This is one part manifesto, and one part warning. Because starting this year I'm going to be working on becoming the best spoon-theory using, speed writing, chronic headache having, crazy person I can be.

DCU Big Bang Art Master Post

Title: After the Storm
Author name: ariadne83 and somehowunbroken
Beta name: camshaft22 and shinysylver
Characters/Pairing: Jason Todd/Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul, OCs
Fandom/Universe: goes AU post-Red Hood: Lost Days
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 48,629
Warnings: offscreen minor character death of two characters
Summary: Jason is getting ready to start his reign as the Red Hood when he overhears a conversation that will change his life. He ends up giving up his plans for revenge and taking on a new identity so he can raise the son he never thought he'd have. When his safety and anonymity are threatened by the Wayne Foundation 's representative, Tim Drake-Wayne, all Jason can do is keep his head down and hope for the best - but he may have to redefine "best" in order for that to work out.

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Art Master Post: DCU Big Bang

Title: And Then the Nature of Us
Author name: reefofhappiness
Characters/Pairing: Koy, TulaGarth, Aquatrio (TulaKaldurGarth), JadeRoy of sorts, building polyamorous OT5 (of sorts)
Fandom/Universe: Young Justice
Word count: 15.520
Warnings: none Polyamory
Summary: Kaldur and Roy are in an established relationship, and with polyamory a pretty common thing in Atlantis, the two of them are attempting to work on the dynamics of having a more open arrangement -- mainly because of Kaldur's important relationships with Tula and Garth both. Roy hasn't necessarily been trying his hardest as of late to be clear and open with how he feels about the whole thing on this side of trying, but now he is -- with varying effects. Kaldur is trying his best to keep up with Roy and figure out what's happening in his relationships, but he's also multitasking and juggling leading the team and overseeing its new developments -- as well as his mounting royal duty back home in Atlantis. Things are hectic and yet only slowly changing in both Kaldur's homes, and Kaldur's just trying to get through another day and make it all work out somehow. Diverges from Season 2 to the point of AU.

Art: And then the nature of us
Fic: Upcoming

ABO Art Master Post : The Path of Duty

Title: The Path of Duty
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters/Pairings: Aragorn x Boromir, Éomer x Faramir
Rating: Teen
Word Count:
Spoilers: The end of Return of the King
Warnings: Omega!Verse;
Summary: Aragorn and Faramir learn that duty and the heart rarely walk the same path. In the wake of the War of the Ring, they have to decide which traditions to take with them into the new Age that is upon them.
Author's Note:

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Fic Master Post:

Inception Reverse Big Bang: Art Master Post

Art Prompt Title: A Dream Shopping Trip
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: chibifukurou

Fic Title: Proteus
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: Genderqueer issues
Summary: Everything seems to be going well in Arthur & Eames' relationship. Things hit a bump, however, when Arthur asks Eames to move in with him and Eames pulls away.

Art MasterPost: Avengers Reverse Big Bang

Artist: chibifukurou
Art Prompt Title: An Archer and His (Pizza) Dog

Author: sian1359
Fic Title: A Boy and His Dog
Pairing(s): Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: G
Universe: Avengers Movie Univers/Hawkeye Comics
Word Count: 9,500
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Clint gets adopted.
Notes: Written for the Avengers Reverse Big Bang: Summer 2013. In addition to providing something I hope the artist enjoys, it's my take on bringing Lucky from the Hawkeye Comic into the MCU.

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Link to fic masterpost:Ao3

Trans* Books: Calling for Submissions

For those of you that aren't familiar with Lessthanthreepress. It is a small publishing company that specializes in same sex romances. Earlier this year/late last year they opened the option for people to submit Trans* romances.

And now they have just announced the opening of their first Trans* Story Collection. [It is a type of anthology like grouping, where stories based on a certain theme. Only each story/book is released as a single ebook title running the gambit in length from short stories to full novelas]

Submission Deadline is March 31, 2014 so you should have plenty of time to right a story to submit. So please consider submitting a story.

(If you don't feel comfortable writing a Trans* story, they are also running submission calls for a F/F collection.)


Looking for a Beta

Looking for a beta for some Hurt/Comfort Bingo fills

Average length will probably be 2k with the occasional fic that runs closer to 5k.

Likely Fandoms are Nabari No Ou, DC Animated Verse, Avengers, Sword Art Online, Otomen, Rise of the Guardians, and Demon Ororon.
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Would be very grateful to anyone who thinks they might be able to help. Will be posting up requests with more details as I go along.

Small Fandom Big Bang Art Masterpost - Love Ain't Easy

Title: Love Ain't Easy
Fandom: Alphas
Pairing: Gary/Cameron
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 45524
Warnings: gay bashing. rimming. 
Summary: Set a couple of years after season one but without the inclusion of season two.
On a whim Cameron invites Gary to live with him. A developing friendship leads to feelings that Cameron tries to ignore until Gary's crush on Cameron becomes obvious. With next to no support from friends and family, Cameron and Gary start a relationship. As they learn how to be together in a romantic relationship, outside forces, such as broken bones, a gay bashing, and Gary meeting an autistic female that he feels a connection with, conspire against them. Despite all of that, Gary and Cameron persevere and find something worth holding on to.
Disclaimer: If I owned them then I wouldn't have to play with them in stories.
A/N: Written for smallfandombang


Love Ain't Easy

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